Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Multilevel Marketing

Multilevel Marketing is one of the avenues or vehicles we can use to reach our goal of being rich. It is almost the same as setting up a small business with less start up investment and less hassle but it offers a lot of good opportunity.
I recently joined one and I was very excited. One of my skill is I am good or at least confident in selling. So i thought of going in fast and look for people to sell to as fast as possible. But to my surprise my mentor told me that this is not always the best way to start. He told me to do it one step at a time. Of course I have to listen to him and I learned to be more patient now.
I found out that selling though important is just one of the needed skills. Aside from that it requires a lot of planning, patience, studying, counselling and so much more. Just like when you are starting a business.
But most importantly, what I really like about it is you are given an opportunity to learn. They teach a lot of business skills for you to grow and be successful. Most of which you can apply to most areas of your current life and situation.
So to my readers, I encourage you to join one if you have the time, money and patience to learn more. As to what company to join to it is really up to you. Just investigate first before jumping in the bandwagon.


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