Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dneero and Survey Networking

Welcome to my blogsite. Blogging for Financial Freedom.

One of the first earnings I got from blogging is joining a survey network. So far I have joined two survey network. One is dneero, its website address is www.dneero.com. Another one is My View, this one I have not really got into yet. I have yet to join one of their survey.
Joining is very easy and as well as earning. Just fill up the normal data sheet, confirm your request to join, and join in on their ongoing conversations or surveys. Answer some questions, put in a question you want to be answered. Post it on your blogsite.
You need to post it for a certain period of time. Revisit dneero and see if you generate answers or impressions. Impressions generate extra income. If you were able to meet the required days of posting. You get paid via Paypal.
Easy right? So go ahead and give it a try. Just google it or log on to www.dneero.com to join. Or If you like, answer the survey below or email me your address and I can invite you in....


Monday, July 28, 2008

What Now?

I started blogging way, way back. My first blog was on Friendster. It was just a trial and the fun of doing one. Then two months back I thought of doing a blog for my fat loss journey. This time it is for personal reason. For me to be more accountable to my weight loss goal and hit 145 lbs. But after two months of doing it. I found out that there is a possibility for my blog to earn.
What I did was check out internet sites and other blog sites on how it is done. I found out that it was not an easy task. You need to learn a lot about putting a good blog and making it very informative. So that traffic or people will visit your web site and make it profitable. I was trying out some of the things I learned and put it in my existing blogsite. Soon I was getting out of topic and putting out things not related to my blogsite.
So as an answer to that concern. I decided to put up a new blogsite. And I entitled it Blogging for Financial Freedom. This will deal with how to come up with a good blogsite. Things to do to increase traffic and increase my earning. I will give ideas on how to save, invest and earn. Of course this will not only be a information site. But all that I will post are things that I have done to achieve financial freedom.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

A new blog, a new adventure

I created a new blog. This new blog will deal with mostly financial freedom and my pursuit to be achieve it.

Everyone wants to be financially free and I am not an exempted from that fact.

There are lots of written books about it. Audio and Video recording. And of course all the latest information about it it the web and blogs.

I will log all my adventures in this journey. I will also share all that I have learned with you my readers. It will not be my original idea but I will show you how I integrated it and implemented it in my existence.

Hoping that you will find this site interesting.